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Some SaaS B2B benchmarks

DocuSign is the global leader of the electronic signature vertical, a B2B SaaS company which started trading at NASDAQ on April 2018 ($629M IPO, $4,41B valuation).

From a post in Seeking Alpha, some DocuSign numbers:

  • 41% revenue growth, to $235M in Q2, where:
    • Subscription revenues grew by 39% to $220.8M
    • Professional services and other revenues grew by 72% to $14.8M.
  • Net expansion rate (aka Net Dollar Retention) of 113%.

Being a traded company far beyond $100M ARR, its benchmarks are very different from companies in the long way from $1M to $100M. Still, reading those help to put benchmarks in context.

As an example, regarding to growth rate, 2x to 3x YoY would be the expected outcome:

Or NDR, where any outcome over 100% is a good-to-great result:

SaaS Net Dollar Retention benchmarks:

60% – ☠️
80% – 😕
100% – 😊
120% – 😮
140% – 🤯🚀
160% – DM me so I can write you a check
— Jeff Chang📈 (@JeffChang30) August 31, 2019

Just a way to set the bar high for my current employer, Docuten, a (so far) bootstrapped start-up close to 1M€ ARR 🙂