(Half) dozen words

  1. Vision (Ambition).
    Global vision, global ambition. A vision that customers/partners/staff can be in love with. Ambition that make us to be remembered. To Last in time.
  2. CEO (company Culture).
    “Boss” is a misunderstanding. To be a CEO is to serve everyone else. No space for ego is left. The CEO is the only one able by himself to build and/or spoil the company culture.
    We act as we see others acting, and we tend to look «up» searching for an example to follow.
  3. Positions (Accountability).
    Positions, roles are irrelevant. What matters is accountability for specific tasks.
    Don’t take your email signature too seriously. It will eventually change.
    CTO / COO / office manager / clerk / whatever.
  4. Team (Reputation).
    Team is the only relevant stuff. Always, like in a soccer team, there are 9’s and 2’s.
    What matters is to become something as a group. Our reputation will be closely tied to the brand, therefore to the team.
  5. Visibility (Future).
    We need to be seen, both as a company and as professionals. Whether we are in an open source gang or anything else. The most we publish, the most we share, the most transparent we are… the most we matter, the most we will be acknowledged and remembered.
  6. FUN (Life).
    Life is only one. It doesn’t exist the dual life. “Work” and “after work” is an illusion.
    To have fun also at work is not an option, it’s mandatory.

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